有次一不小心删掉了CNAME里的“www–>@”这一条记录,后来死活也添加不回去了。现象就是在Zone File Editor里点击“Quick Add”添加“www”这一行,再点击“Save Zone File”,会提示有错误,继续后页面自动刷新,但“WWW”这一行就消失了;如果将“ftp–>@”这条记录里的 ftp 改成 www 再保存则会提示有重复值“@: Duplicate entry ‘’ for key 2”;用添加向导、重置默认记录以及删除所有CNAME记录后再添加的方法都不管用,www这条记录同样会在保存后消失。

Google搜索无果,向黑客求助无果,实在没办法,就求助Godaddy,用我那蹩脚的英语和godaddy 来回几封邮件,终于把问题解决了……估计我是第一个碰到这个问题的人~

“Thank you for your response.  Upon review of the account it appears that the cause of this issue was that the zone file for the domain was not properly setup within our system and needed to be refreshed.  We have done this for you and this should start functioning properly within 24 hours and after this time frame you will be able to add the WWW CNAME to the domain again.  I apologize for any inconvenience caused.”